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Dunnville Health Centre Volunteer Association

Volunteers accomplish a myriad of jobs around Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Edgewater Gardens with quiet efficiency. It can be a kind word, direction to the clinics, well-groomed gardens or a cuddly teddy bear given to a child in ER is what the public remembers. If you need help, look for someone wearing a blue vest.

Dunnville Health Centre Volunteer Association

President Message – February 5, 2018

I am amazed at how much the DHCVA volunteers at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital in Dunnville have accomplished in the past two years. Our volunteer hours have increased – over 10,000. The gardens at Edgewater Gardens have never looked better, thanks to our “Happy Gardeners” crew.

We put together raffle baskets, Spring Cleaning, Mother’s Day, Gardening and Christmas. The Penny Sale is still one of the popular events of early summer. Many look forward to the Christmas bake sale.The Hidden Gem Gift Shop generates annual revenue that certainly helps finance our many projects. We have contributed to the Hospital Christmas Party also Christmas gifts for long term care patients. The “Bear Club” made 480 little bears which are given to young patients in ER.

We took on a project a little outside our usual endeavours when pledging $ 100,000 towards the construction of the new Emergency Department. Fund raising become a little more intense but the volunteers were up to the challenge. The community was up for the challenge. We asked. They gave. Sometimes we did not ask and still they gave. The local press reported our successes which kept our community aware of what we were doing. After the first year we presented a cheque for $ 50,000. The drive to meet our goal carried into the second year and came to a stunning finale with the October Dinner Live and Silent auction “Moonlight on the Grand – A Night to Remember”.So much work, so much planning, but what a SUCCESS. By the end of 2017 the second $ 50,000 cheque was present to the Hospital.

The HELPP Lottery fund also presented the Hospital a further $10,000 for the new Emergency Department. I am sure that the volunteer who started our association 85 years ago would be stunned by the amounts of money raised but so proud to know that what they saw as a need to the Hospital has not been neglected but grown into something we are so proud of.

Donna Baillie

DHCVA President