About Us

Dunnville Health Centre Volunteer Association

Who are our volunteers?

Dunnville Health Centre Volunteer Association (DHCVA) volunteers who wear “navy blue vests’’ can been seen throughout Haldimand War Memorial Hospital (HWMH) and Edgewater Gardens comforting patients and residents, aiding medical staff. The dedication and commitment of our “navy blue vests” is amazing. They work as a team in raising funds that are donated to both campuses. DHCVA is very proud of them.

President Message – April 2020

Through hard work and dedication Dunnville Health Centre Volunteer Association (DHCVA) members accomplish a myriad of jobs around Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Edgewater Gardens with quiet efficiency. The love for our small town hospital and long term care centre yields many rewards for both our volunteers and the community we serve.

We currently have about 130 active and contributing members. The dedication of DHCVA members contribute approximately 15,000 volunteer hours a year. We serve in all areas of HWMH and Edgewater Gardens. Kind words, directions to the clinics, well-groomed gardens, stocking supplies, participating in patient/resident activities or a comforting visit to pass the time is what the public sees and remembers.

But, the support doesn’t stop there.

Through funds generated by the HWMH Hidden Gem and Edgewater gift shops, HELPP lottery ticket sales, annual favourite fundraisers such as the summer Penny Sale, Christmas bake sale and Gift Basket draws scattered throughout the year and the Memorial Fund, DHCVA has financially donated to a number of areas throughout the health campuses.

During 2009 to 2018 DHCVA donated $345,580 to both health campuses, notably $110,000 for new Emergency Department and $30,000 for start up of Cataract Surgery Department. In 2019 $ 24,330 donated to both campuses for patient /medical equipment and bursaries for secondary students entering the medical/science field.

It is truly amazing and inspiring how much the DHCVA volunteers at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Edgewater Gardens in Dunnville have accomplished to make a difference. We are always recruiting new volunteers, please contact Joanne Kiers, jkiers@hwmh.ca Volunteer Co-Ordinator for more information.

Chris Carvalho