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Haldimand War Memorial Hospital
400 Broad Street West
Dunnville, Ontario
N1A 2P7

By Phone:

Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Phone Directory

Hospital Phone Number 905-774-7431

Edgewater Gardens Phone Number 905-774-2503


Administrative Services
President & Chief Executive Officer Sharon Moore 1210
Executive Assistant Jennifer Miller 1269
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John Coutts 1408
Director of Finance John Balca 1407
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Devon Inglis 1290
Senior Financial Analyst Lynn Holland 1253
Accounts Receivable Kelly Smuck 1375
Accounts Payable K. Smuck/L. Holland
Director of Human Resources Jessica Field 1401
Clinical Records
Health Information Professional Christine Elek 1298
Karen Park 1351
Diagnostic Imaging – Booking and Registration 1221
Director – Diagnostic Imaging  Tom Dorland 1222
Senior Medical Radiological Technologist Michelle Couture 1220
Food Services – Director Elaine Wielink 2208
Environmental Services – Director Jessica Gordon 1227
Laboratory Services
Director of Laboratory Services Tom Dorland 1222
Booking Outpatient Laboratory Reception 1293
Maintenance & Engineering Director Kellen Mowat 1251
Laundry Jackie Disher 1252
Nursing Department
Admitting 1219
Infection Control BJ Phibbs 1255
Employee Health BJ Phibbs 1255
Inpatient Unit Nursing Station 1245
Director, OR/MDRD/ED/Outpatient Julie Hogeterp 1337
Director, IPU/Physio/Pharmacy Caroline Mitchell 1270
Director of Procurement & Logistics Jessica Gordon 1227
Therapeutic Recreation Department
Director of Therapeutic Recreation Judy O’Neill (EG) 2206
Therapeutic Recreation Assistant Clint Tomlinson (HWMH) 1257
Safety and WSIB Specialist Elaine Wielink 2208
Director, Education, Quality & Patient Experience Erin O’Connell 1348


Board of Directors

To provide feedback to the Board Chair or Management, click here.


Joanna Brzozowska Board Chair
Lorne Boyko Director
Donna Baillie Director
Marnie Lynn Director
Dr. Christopher Ray President MSA
Chris Carvalho Director
Ram Shankar Director
Brandon Douglas Secretary
Sharon Moore President & CEO
Dr. Johan Viljoen Chief of Staff
Sandie Heirwegh Director
Bernita Drenth 1st Vice Chair
Jo Geary Director
Karen Prine Director
Arash Farzam-Kia 2nd Vice Chair
Karen Tilstra Treasurer

Please note that in order to contact staff members at the hospital you must dial the main number 905-774-7431  then you would dial the extension of the person you wish to reach.  You can ask the operator for assistance if you like or dial to reach the hospital directory.

Patient Relations

On matters related to governance or other matters not related to the operation and management of the hospital, please feel free to contact

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