Visiting Guidelines

Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Visiting Guidelines

Effective Monday August 9, 2021

HWMH is excited to welcome visitors to our hospital. You have been missed. As we endeavor to keep everyone on our campus safe, some guidelines are required.

ALL visitors are required to:

  • Be healthy. If you are feeling unwell please reschedule your visit.
  • Enter via the Main entrance (except ER visits and EOL visitors outside of normal
    visiting hours).
  • Be screened, instructed to wash hands and given a hospital issued mask to wear
    for the duration of your visit.
  • You will be given a sticker indicating that you have been screened that day. Please
    have it visible during your time at the hospital.
  • Wear your mask at all times while at HWMH regardless of your vaccination status.
  • Practice physical distancing 2m/6ft.
  • No eating or drinking. This will ensure you wear your mask at all times.
  • Please do not use patient’s washrooms. Public washrooms are available for your

Visitors that cannot follow our guidelines will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to visit.

Emergency Department (ED)

  • One support person at bedside as designated by the patient.
  • Please stay in the room with the patient.
  • 2 guardians of children under 16 permitted.
  • ED visitors permitted at any time at the discretion of the clinical staff.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave and wait outside if the waiting room is full and patient care is impacted.

Outpatient Clinics and Day Surgery

  • Spacing in our clinics does not allow for proper physical distancing
  • No Visitor/support person unless it is required for care purposes such as language, mobility barriers or decision making purposes in the cases of patient incapacity.
  • Patients are to provide the name of person who is picking them up. Post procedure or clinic visit, the driver will be notified of where they can come to pick up the patient. There is no place to wait inside due to limited space to maintain physical distancing.

Inpatient Unit

Visiting Hours are between 11am and 5 pm daily. 2 persons permitted at the bedside

  • Please do not visit if feeling unwell. Call the hospital @ 905-774-7431 Ext 1245 to arrange a virtual visit.
  • Visitors may book a visit by calling Ext 1245 between 2-4 pm daily
  • Visit times may be up to 1.5 hours in length
  • Children are permitted to visit provided they are accompanied by an adult, wear a mask and able to follow safety protocols. (A child will count towards the patients’ two visitors).
  • If you are waiting for your visit, please wait outside or in your vehicle. Waiting is not permitted at the main entrance or outside the patient room.
  • Sanitize your hands when entering and exiting patient room using the alcohol based hand rub located outside every patient room.
  • Occasionally patients are placed in additional isolation precautions. Please follow directions on the signage outside of the rooms. If you are unsure of how to safely put on the additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), please ask one of the
    nursing staff to assist.
  • Please stay in the room of the patient you are visiting and only visit the patient you are designated to visit.
  • Walking the halls or congregating outside the rooms is not permitted.
  • Ensure food that is brought in is individually wrapped and not shared.
  • No eating or drinking while in patient room.
  • Do not bring in potted plants or fresh cut flowers.
  • Outside visits are permitted provided the patient is medically stable. Masks are required. Please inform the primary care nurse prior to leaving the unit.

End of Life

  • Exceptions will be made for patients that are end of life in consultation with the director or administrator on call.
  • Screening, hand hygiene and masking is required.
  • Increase number of visitors may be permitted.
  • No walking in hall or congregating outside patient room.
  • One Essential Care Partner may be permitted to stay overnight.