Programs & Services

Physiotherapy Services

The hospital Physiotherapy Department is located on the second floor of the Health Centre.
A sole charge Physiotherapist provides inpatient services to the hospital and a select amount of outpatient services to the community.

Inpatient services:

The Physiotherapist provides assessment and program design for identified patients on the Medical/Surgical and Continuing Care Unit.
Service is carried out by the Physiotherapist and/or the Physiotherapy Aide, depending upon the level of intervention identified.

Outpatient Services:

You may qualify for OHIP covered outpatient Physiotherapy Services if you meet the following:

Outpatient Eligibility Criteria:

-If you have a recent injury, =less than 4 weeks old
-if you have had a recent surgery for which you require Physiotherapy
-if you are out of a cast, or immobilizer device for an injury or fracture

**If you meet one of the above criteria you require a signed referral from a doctor**

You will NOT be seen if you have funding from:

-Workers Compensation
-Motor Vehicle Accident benefits
-Private health insurance

**As your needs can be met at a Private Physiotherapy Clinic**


You may choose to place your name on the outpatient waiting list. You will be called when your name reaches the top.

Contact Information:
Phone 905-774-7431
Physiotherapy Department-extension 1226
Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm